Bob's Cake

In Search of Distinction

Bachelor of Creative Technologies
Studio Project Year 3 (2012)
work with Emma Gerlach

As an extension of our earlier project; "A Game of Social Play", we have taken a different approach to the question we worked with previously for "Piggy Rats." Instead of focusing on cooperation/deception we started to look at competitiveness which lead into status and distinction in society.

In Search of Distinction 1

For our final work we have created a Flash game which explores the different values of status and distinction in the past. In the modern world, status is generally defined by having lots of money and material possessions, whereas previously in Sparta, 400 B.C. status was defined by strength, fitness and being able to fight.

In Search of Distinction 3

The game will take the player to these time periods and allow them to play a small scene, interacting with the characters and environments which will portray the meaning of status from that specific era. The player might then question their values of status after playing each level.

In Search of Distinction 4

You can play the game here.