Bob's Cake

Skyrim Model Swords

Own work
(2011 - 2012)

These are scale models of some of the weapons in Skyrim. Made mostly from foam board, I started by finding an image of each sword then tracing an outline in photoshop. I then printed out the template and cut a few sheets of foam board to make the base of the sword, then added the extra layers and details. The next step was coating the sword in many coats of gesso and modeling paint, followed by sanding and more paint. Finally I painted the base colours, then detail colours, then added a coat of spray varnish.

If you want to see how they are made, you can view the blog I made more details of the construction.

Glass sword

Glass sword model 1
Glass sword model 2
Glass sword model 3

Ebony sword

Ebony sword model 1
Ebony sword model 2
Ebony sword model 3

Glass axe

Glass axe model 1
Glass axe model 2
Glass axe model 3

Orcish sword

Orcish sword model 1
Orcish sword model 2
Orcish sword model 3

Daedric sword

Daedric sword model 1
Daedric sword model 2
Daedric sword model 3