Bob's Cake

Piggy Rats

Bachelor of Creative Technologies
Studio Project Year 3 (2012)
work with Emma Gerlach

Some kids are having a big party, and have now gone outside to play. Inside the house it is a giant mess, with different coloured lollies and cupcakes scattered everywhere. It is not often the rats of the house get to feast, but now is their chance. Watch out for the evil cat though, who will be on the prowl for piggy rats!

Piggy Rats!

This is a four player game with each player playing a red, yellow, green, or blue rat. You collect points for eating lollies and cupcakes that are the same colour as your rat. You can eat other coloured lollies and cupcakes too to spite the other piggy rats, but you won't get points. There are twenty-five rooms in the house, all filled with randomly coloured sweets! Once the rooms are empty, the game is over and whichever rat has the most points wins. Will you be a nice rat and play by the rules? Or will you take the stance of every piggy rat for himself and grab all the sweets you can? Will you make allies or enemies? Who will win? It's all up to you, piggy rats!

Piggy Rats!

Piggy Rats explores co-operation and deception between players and how they interact with eachother. We did a lot of research on the Prisoners dilema, which shows in the game: the interactions in the game have varied positive and negitive outcomes

Piggy Rats!

This was a very fun project for me as I have always been interested in making an online multiplayer game. The iPhone was quite easy to integrate multiplayer with, I had a little bit of experience from making Plumet 2 on the iPhone (2 players). It was quite a challenge to get 4 players working, there is alot more data being sent between devices.

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